Jason Hoff, Hoff Business Advisors  

Jason Hoff

Merger & Acquisition Advisor, Hoff Business Advisors

Jason started his career by building an Internet Service Network that grew from one location to 300 service locations using multiple acquisitions and strategic partnerships throughout the US. Although the business grew rapidly, it required extensive capital to keep up with major cable providers that were offering high speed internet access, so Jason ultimately decided to exit out of the business and sold to local and regional partners.

Following the sale, Jason realized one very important and costly life lesson. Always have a plan in place before you sell a business. With no plan in place, Jason embarked on a multi-year journey of travel and self discovery, and eventually realized how much he enjoyed the merger and acquisition business, so in 2006 he joined Sunbelt Brokers in Columbia, SC to learn the business brokerage and merger and acquisition business from the ground up.

From 2007 – 2015, Jason brokered more businesses than anyone else in the state of South Carolina, and quickly developed contacts throughout the business brokerage, finance, and M&A industry.

In 2015, Jason relocated to Iowa City IA, and launched Hoff Business Advisors to help individuals and companies purchase, invest in, and successfully exit out of main street and middle market businesses throughout the Midwest and southeastern US.

Jason has extensive experience in the healthcare, pharmacy, retail, service, manufacturing, distribution, trucking, and logistics industries. If you are interested in buying or selling a business, contact Jason at 319-499-5300